About Us

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at our unique Trucker Girl Bottle Openers!

This exclusive Trademarked design is our own creation and is the  result of many hours of tinkering and experimenting. We wanted to  preserve the iconic look of the Trucker Girl aka Mud flap Girl, while  bringing to market a useful, functional keychain bottle opener.

In addition to being beautiful (most important!) and functional too,  we wanted a high quality piece of equipment. Manufactured to our  standards of composition, polish, and finish, we could not be more proud of her! Available now in chrome silver to honor the original chrome  Trucker Girl mud flaps, and also a subtle matte black that makes an  impressive silhouette. Buy with confidence as they are guaranteed for  life. 

Thanks for your business and please help spread the word through  Facebook Likes, Tweets, Pins, etc. May the beloved Trucker Girl live on!

trucker girl bottle opener